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What is a facelift ?

Cervical-facial lift is a cosmetic surgery of rejuvenation and beautification of the face and neck. What differentiates the non-surgical techniques (such as injections, for example) is that the face lift is the only one to go traits permanently and naturally.

What are the indications for facial surgery?
In case of major slump at the Oval and neck, the facelift is required. As the only technique that can counteract the movement of heavier or sagging of the face, head and neck lift is for people who want to give it a solid appearance with firm contours.

What are the benefits of a face lift and scars will they be visible?
Only surgical facelift goes facial volumes. The knife corrects sagging due to gravity and loss of elasticity of the skin. Muscle suspensions are made in the key areas of the face to get the rejuvenating effect. For now, no non-surgical technique can replace it. Today, scarring and detachment are minimized. The whole gives a natural and harmonious result.

Recommendations to follow before the operation
  • A usual preoperative assessment is carried out according to the requirements and an anesthetist should be seen within 48 hours before the big day
  • Smoking is banned at least 2 months before surgery to avoid necrosis behind the ear.
  • No medication containing aspirin should be taken within 10 days preceding the operation.
  • The patient should be fasting 6 hours before - eat nothing, drink nothing.

How is the procedure for a facelift?
Usually the response begins with an incision (ie scarring) concealed in the pre-auricular groove and behind the ear. It is done under general anesthesia, except in the simplest cases where the procedure can be performed under sedation. Note: Each surgeon adopts a technique of its own and that adapts to each case to get the best results. For a natural effect, it is not too pull the skin and sometimes fill a filling with the patient's own fat.

How long does it take to resume normal life after head and neck lift?

  • The facelift requires overnight hospitalization.
  • Due out the next day, without dressing.
  • The blue and edema disappear within 10 to 15 days.
  • A disorder of the sensitivity of the ear and cheek area in front of the scar disappears in a few weeks.
  • It is possible to wear makeup from the 5th day, but avoid exposure to the sun for at least two months.
  • A sunscreen with high index will be applied to each output, even in winter.
  • The scar is hidden behind and in the ear, and the hairline. Only the hairdresser will notice it!
  • On day 7, the patient can regain his relatives, and on the 12th day he can see his friends again, but it will take at least 3 weeks if it wants to meet people he does not want to know about the intervention.
  • After 2 to 3 months, he will have a good idea of the final result.
  • At this stage, the scars are still slightly pink and indurated; they will subside to the 6th month.

But aging will continue to do its work and in the long term (ten years after approx) we will possibly consider a new facelift ...

The facelift there are risks?
Distinguish the complications related to anesthesia and those related to surgery.

Fortunately, the postoperative course is usually simple with the waning of a cervical-facial lifting done in the rules, real complications are rare.

In practice, the vast majority of happens without any problems and the patient (s) are satisfied (e) s of their results.

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